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by posted 03/26/2020

Hi Team,


We have beautiful weather today. It is the perfect day to set up SNYPR if you have not yet and try it out. I am pushing this app to you for three reasons:


1. It encourages players to stay active and competitive while improving their skills

2. We will be competing against other CONNY team(s)

  • Stratford Storm Lacrosse is also using SNYPR. I have contacted their program; we will be comparing statistics starting in April to see who "wins" every week.
  • I will see if more teams would be willing to "compete" against us to keep things fresh.

3. Earn prizes

  • one of the Co-founders of SNYPR told me two days ago he will make arrangements to send us some SNYPR sleeves. Once I have them in my possession, I will count them and figure out the logistics of sending them to players actively using SNYPR.
  • If interest is strong enough, NHYL may use some of the remaining budgets on apparel prizes for active SNYPR users.


Please download the app if you have not already and reach out to me if you have any questions.


To set up an account on SNYPR:


  1. search "SNYPR" on either Apple's App Store or Google play for free
  2. create an account
    • SNYPR will require players under 13 years old will to prove they have a guardian's consent by asking for a guardian's email, then credit card (to prove parental acknowledgment, not charge you).
      • This can be avoided by using a parent's date of birth rather than a player's date of birth
  3. Once you have made an account, go to the main screen of the app and click "My Teams (top right)"
  4. under "MY TEAMS (top left) click "+ Add team"
  5. NHYL's team code is 03765. Type this in and click "Add (bottom left)."
  6. Go back to the main page of the app
  7. click "Challenges (bottom left)
  8. Pick a challenge
  9. Click "Join (bottom)
  10. Secure your phone to your arm and get going!



Kyle Souza

KDSouza@Qu.edu - (203)610-4705

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by posted 03/24/2020

Hi Team, 


Please read Amy Holt's email titled "Check this out!" regarding SNYPR. If you have any questions, please reach out to me so I can assist you. This app will be a lot of fun. I have some behind the scenes things in the works with SNYPR's Head of Product for our team. This app will be worth your time.




Kyle Souza

Kdsouza@qu.edu - (203)610-4705

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