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Job Duties: 

The job duties of a team parent/manager may vary based on what a particular coach requires for their team. Ultimately, you are the communication hub for your team. You are the one players should notify about attendance conflicts for games and practices. Coaches will ask you to send out email reminders and bulletins for team notification. Responsibilities may vary depending on the needs of a particular coach. Take a moment to discuss with your coach what his expectations are for you as team manager. You may delegate some of these responsibilities to other parent volunteers on your team.   
- Confirm all home and away games in advance.

-Verify directions to away games.

-Confirm refs for home games in advance (if a game is cancelled and the ref is not cancelled the club is still obligated to pay for his time).
-Handle payment of refs at all home games and tournaments
            *Boy’s refs are paid at the end of each game
            *Treasurer will supply each team with funds at beginning of season
            *A signature and date of payment must be obtained from each ref
            *Sheet and any excess money must be turned into treasurer at the
              end of the season

-Email team about practices and games, times to be on the field etc.

-Assist coach in organizing time keeper and score keeper for all home games. Some coaches also like to keep stats on players.

-For Home Games arrange to place cones aat the corner of the game field and bench area.  Also set up scorers table with chairs time clock and horn. 

-Make sure PR/Communications gets team news to publish in local paper as described in the coaches’ media guide.

-Report scores to CONNY and our web site in a timely manner
(Some  coaches will do this themselves, some will require you to do this).

-Collect necessary forms and payments as required throughout the season as required by NHYLA.

-Collect any equipment/uniforms that are to be returned to the club.