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Policy on Playing Time

The NHYL Program recognizes that while the CONNY League has become highly competitive there still exists a large variation in the competitive level of those programs which participate in the league; this variation results in a situation where some games will be more competitive than others. Thus, players with more experience at a higher level of play may see more playing time in certain games, while players with less experience may see more playing time in less competitive games. Further, lacrosse is a game based on timing. Certain special situations, extra man offense for instance, require repetitive practice by a certain unit of players. Players who exhibit a strong attendance record at practices may be given preference when forming these units. While every effort will be made to get every player into every game at some point, coaches are looking to establish a general balance of playing time over the course of the season while maintaining a competitive game level and trying to avoid placing a player into a situation which might not be best for his development. This means that there may not necessarily be a completely equitable division of playing time in any one particular game.